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Fabick CAT Portable Boiler

Fabick CAT is a St. Louis based Caterpillar construction equipment dealer and Emergency Power Systems rental company.St. Louis Mechanical Contractor   Fabick’s Power Systems group rents portable chillers in emergency situations where chilled water is required.  Their rental chillers require regular testing in the event an emergency arises such that they can be immediately delivered throughout the Midwest.  The Power Systems group did not have the capabilities to test the operation of the chillers without hooking them up to a building to introduce actual loads for their chillers.  Seeing the impractical nature of delivering rental chillers to a building to test, Fabick approached MC Service to collaborate on possible solutions to the dilemma.  With a longstanding working relationship between Fabick & MC Service, the creative idea was sown to design a portable boiler skid to create a load for the chillers to test.

Several factors needed to be considered in the design phase includingPortable Mechanical Boiler in St. Louis sizing the unit to fit on  trailer, how to service the unit itself, creating operator “controls” and ease of confections to the trailer.  The result was an MC Service designed and fabricated skid which included fork pockets and lifting lugs for ease of moving the portable boiler.  The chilled water, electrical, and fuel connections have quick connect/disconnect fittings, all of which are easily accessible from the front.  The water side has a plate and frame heat exchanger to keep the boiler water and the chilled water separated allowing the glycol to be kept in the boiler while stored outdoors.

Fabick CAT Portable Boiler

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