St. Louis Building Controls and Automation

Building Automation and Controls

Bringing energy efficiency to your building and cost savings to you.

The MC Service philosophy and approach to Building Controls and Automation lies in our belief that having the maximum number of Building Automation System (BAS), Direct Digital Controls (DDC) and Energy Management Systems (EMS) OEM’s at your disposal, results in a much better overall operatingBuilding Systems Contractor in St. Louis system, thereby resulting in better efficiency of your buildings, better total cost of ownership, and proper choices of controls systems which represents your buildings personality.

We do not have our own proprietary controls company or software, nor are we affiliated with any particular brand of manufacturer. In the end, we always have your bottom line and best interest in mind.  MC Service has the expertise to incorporate all equipment operating characteristics into a buildings sequence of operation.

A controls system needs to operate the building efficiently, provide management information for operations and planning, and track problematic systems and conditions to allow preemptive corrective actions. The proper system layout should always result in the best possible energy savings, and increase the lifespan of equipment. 

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